Short | Fiction | Rwanda


Grief and isolation are some of the reasons that made Rugero want to take revenge on the Interahamwe who killed his parents in 1994 in the genocide against the Tutsis, after 1994, he continued to carry the broken glass lamp and took it as his lost father, which became a sign of forgiveness with the help of his uncle who was close to him.

Film credit

  • Writer & Director: RUGABISHA Keni Kassim
  • Producer: RUGABISHA Keni Kassim
  • Actor(s): Kayumba Vianney, Mazimpaka Jones Kennedy, Mbyukanjyayo Jean Damascene, Nzamukosha Didacienne, Misky Sacha Ayera
  • Duration: 28′ 29”
  • Language(s): Kinyarwanda
  • Subtitle(s): English, French

Fondation du Festival International du Cinéma Africain Khouribga | Luxor African Film Festival | Festival Cedre Universelle du Court Métrage

  • Grand Prize of the Best Short Film

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